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Client Testimonials:

“Christine is the kind of person that you change around. She never pushes you or tells you to change. Just by being around her I have found myself moving in a more positive direction in life."

- Erika M.

"I had the amazing experience of receiving SG6, Core Will Infusion, with Christine and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the results. First off, Christine has a unique ability to hold a solid, clear yet nurturing container for healing and transformation. Secondly, the shifts in my life I’ve seen since have been incredible. Pieces of healing that have seemingly escaped my grasp for years have come full circle and I feel so much more empowered to move forward towards my goals, ambitions and desires in life. I highly recommend the Sacred Geometry healing series and Christine for any healing work you are looking for!"

- Casey O.

"Spark of Life was amazing! The energy you sent me felt like a higher frequency and different. It was a good feeling in my head, very uplifting. Thank you! I need to do that again soon."

- John P.

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