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My Experience at Healers Academy

Before I became a Guide in the Lineage of King Salomon, I was a skeptical scientist with a "show me the data" attitude. If you couldn't show me the data to back up your claim or suggest a plausible hypothesis, I wouldn't believe it. But there are many unexplained things in the world, and science is a tool we can use for exploring them.

But there are also taboo topics in science and studying the spiritual side of things was defiantly one of them. So when I received a Life Activation and began to experience my own journey of healing, reduction of anxiety and stress, the increased ability to live life again, my first instinct was deny that it was possible. But I knew what I had experienced so my second inclination was to gather more data.

I found myself going to Healers Academy, not because I believed the Life Activation worked, or that the tools from Empower Thyself had made such a difference in my life, no. I couldn't accept that. It wasn't within my scientific paradigm. So I went to prove it was all bullshit or a coincidence.

The experience I had in Healers Academy changed all that for me. I felt this energy that I couldn't explain. I never considered myself a psychic person, but I could see these massive angels standing in the corners of the room, this beautiful healing temple space. I could sense what was being talked about and my soul reacted. There was a deep sense of knowing that I couldn't explain.

On the last day I experienced a truly magickal moment as I sat there, waiting for my wand, eyes closed and hands open ready to receive. A tingling sensation started in my hands and filled my body. A few seconds later, the wand was placed in my hands. When I opened my eyes and looked at it, I knew it was mine. This was something I had been waiting for, for a long time and didn't even know it.

My mind had to let go of it's old paradigm and the desire to define everything with data. It was the first time in a long time that I allowed myself to really consider the possibility that something real was happening here and I had no data to back it up. It was uncomfortable and beautiful at the same time.


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