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Saying Goodbye To Chronic Illness

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

I am a biomedical researcher with 15+ years of experience in pediatric cardiology and immuno-oncology. I'm not a doctor. I lived life from behind the lab bench and I loved what I did. My mindset was very much rooted in the scientific paradigm, a strong believer in data and western medicine. I never imagined that I would leave that world behind to explore metaphysics and spirituality.

But life has a way of sending us the unexpected. On a rainy day, I slipped and fell walking down a steep hill. That fall was a pivot moment in my life, and the injury I took to my knee turned into chronic pain that, month after month, slowly got worse and decreased my ability to function. Two years into searching for doctors that could help me get better, I was told that there was nothing that could be done. They called what I had, complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) and there was no known cure, only pain medication and epidurals that could control the pain and slow it from spreading throughout my body.

I spent several years looking for help in many places; natural medicine, acupuncture, diet, reiki, supplements, etc... I was always at some sort of doctor, healer, light worker, shaman, or such two or three times a week. It was hard for me going from an active person to someone who walked with a cane and was in constant pain. I was too young for this and I was desperate to get control of my life back.

I was still doing my research at this point. I had multiple projects going in my lab at all times. I learned how to keep my pain condition hidden so that only a few people knew that I was sick.

One day, an accident occurred where a live virus was released in the lab next to mine. Due to the airflow of the building and the high viral count, I ended up getting infected. In the end, that was the final straw that lead to disability. I got sick, very sick. I couldn't get out of bed, I could barely stay awake. Driving was out of the question as I would start to fall asleep behind the wheel after about 5 minutes so I had to get around through ride share apps. Looking back, I probably should have had some sort of in home care, but I was so fatigued that the thought never crossed my mind.

I somehow got the energy to stumble into a healing center for a meditation. A day later I was back receiving a Life Activation. I had no idea what it was, only a strong internal push that I needed it. I'm so glad I listened to that internal push because the result that I had was significant. Two day's after receiving the Life Activation, I had enough energy to drive again without danger of falling asleep.

I went back for additional healings and took classes like Empower Thyself. I used the tools that I was taught in the class every day and I continued to have improvement. My pain, anxiety and fatigue all decreased. I began to be able to live life again. Even my doctors noticed a difference and made notes about it. The interesting thing was, I was never told these healings could affect my physical health, but that is what I experienced. I was grateful, but I also didn't believe that this was more than coincidence.

I wanted to know how this was happening so my scientific curiosity lead me to go to Healers Academy, not because I believed any of this, but because I wanted to prove that none of it was real. Healers Academy was an eyeopening experience. I remember sitting on the floor on the last day just stunned. There was no data that I could collect to measure what I had experienced. It didn't fit into my scientific paradigm I had created in my head and that paradigm just shattered in response.

I decided to go to Healer's Academy to try to prove that none of this was real. I remember being shocked as we went through the training because I could actually feel the energetic systems of the people I was working with. Well, that didn't work out the way I planned it.

One of my favorite is Universal Hermetic Kabbalah. This is a great class for those who really want to take responsibility for their lives and actively make lasting changes. We were told to write down in our journals what changes we wanted in our life. I decided I was going to write down a specific and impossible change. I wanted to be able to feel my right leg again. I had lost the feeling in it a few years before due to the spread of CRPS. The week before the final class of the program, I woke up and could feel my entire right leg. I had actually forgotten that I had written it into my journal until I went through it a few days before class. What a surprise!

In this I learned something interesting about the human brain. When we first start experiencing a chronic illness, it takes our minds awhile to adjust to what is happening in our body. Did you know that when you have a sudden major recovery like that it also takes the brain awhile to adjust? It took me 3 months to get use to walking with feeling in my leg again.

Now I was really intrigued with the whole thing. I was finally able to accept that these tools, while they are meant for spiritual growth and progression, can have an impact on the physical as well. I also was noticing that my life was improving on multiple levels and I found a renewed joy in life. I even noticed I was beginning to think more clearly and creatively.

I had no expectation that I would continue to have improvements in my health, but somehow I always seemed to have physical improvements when applied the tools to my life daily. I felt a sense of awe and surprise each time.

Eventually, I decided to dive deeper in the mysteries that were the root of so much transformation in my life and I signed up for Ritual Master. It was about time for me to see my neurologist again and she confirmed that I would require another epidural. We scheduled the pre-op appointment for the procedure for a week after I returned from classes. What happened next was shocking.

At some point during the week I was taking classes, I stopped having pain. I noticed my whole body felt normal. It actually felt great! My neurologist was so confused when I walked in for our appointment. She did the evaluation then said there was no sign I had ever been sick and had to pull up the photos and medical records to verify what she was seeing was real. She even got one of the other doctors in the clinic to come over and verify why she was seeing. I was discharged as a patient and never needed to go back. It took me 6 months for my brain to adjust to the fact that I was really better and could use my body normally again.

As a scientist, I might have said it was the placebo effect, but I never had an expectation that I was going to get better. I was never told that these tools even had the potential for healing on that level to take place. I had hoped for some level of improvement, but the experience I had was beyond my expectations.

When it comes right down it it, these tools worked for me. I can't say they will have the same effect on everyone, but I can say is that the possibility is there.

My main take away lesson from studying with the Modern Mystery School is this, we have the power and ability to become masters of our lives. It requires knowing what you really want through knowing yourself, having the will power and self discipline to act on that desire, and taking responsibility for build the life that you are excited to wake up for.

But the most important thing of all is this - live life with JOY!

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