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Sat, Dec 09


The Modern Mystery School Texas

Empower Thyself Class & Initiation

Let go of external influences that have been limiting you and connect with your own strength, power and sovereignty with this 2 day transformational workshop.

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Empower Thyself Class & Initiation
Empower Thyself Class & Initiation

Time & Location

Dec 09, 2023, 10:30 AM – Dec 10, 2023, 8:00 PM

The Modern Mystery School Texas, 5555 N Lamar Blvd, J125, Austin, TX 78751, USA

About the event

This 2-day experiencial workshop and initiation into a true Mystery School lineage provides you with the keys to unlock ancient secrets of hermetics, universal kabbalah  and shamanic rituals that puts you on the path to answering the deepest mysteries that many world changing innovators, artists and philosophers have pondered on for centuries.

This is NOT just another an educational experience! This is an energetic workshop designed to transform your life and set you on the path of KNOW THYSELF so that you can get unstuck, gain clarity and find your direction.

This opportunity may press your buttons and challenge you to open your mind up to new possibilities for your life. This can be difficult for some, but growth requires us to take action and step outside our comfort zone.

These ancient wisdom teachings don't just provide you with information on how to transform your life, they provide you with the initiation, authority and tools that you can use on a daily basis to keep the engine of transformation going for the rest of your life. The best part is there is no plateau. This is a path that keeps moving you forward to deeper levels of understanding who you are and your purpose. You choose how far and fast you want to go.

Where did these teachings come from?

These metaphysical concepts originated from the Lineage of King Salomon over 3000 years ago and contains the wisdom passed down from the time of Hermes over 8000 years ago. This is one of the 7 great Mystery Schools on the planet today and is the only one open to the public.


  • Breakthrough emotional loops that keep you stuck in unproductive cycles.
  • Increase awareness, connect to your intuition and inner guidance.
  • Access hidden secrets of the mysteries of the universe.
  • Learn ancient tools and sacred rituals used for thousands of years to align to your true purpose.
  • Connect to your Higher Self - learn your true purpose and discover wisdom to enhance your daily life.
  • Learn how to work with Angels in a deeper way as an initiate.
  • Create a foundation of positive energy so you can better handle the challenges and obstacles that come up in life.
  • Grow your Chi (life force energy) through ancient rituals
  • Gain 10 times more Light energy to direct toward your goals, dreams and desires in life.
  • Ability to access further training.


  • The importance of the human energy body when it comes to inner peace and mental health
  • The Path of Human Progression
  • Dimensions: what are they and how do we work with them?
  • The Negative and Positive Ego and it's influence on our lives
  • How to stop negative thought spirals
  • How to create protected, high vibrational sacred space with the Magick Circle
  • How to work with Angels, Universal Energies and Light being to support you in your life
  • And so much more...

At the end of day two, you will receive an Aura Realignment Healing and Initiation. This unique ceremony will help to readjust your energetic structure to flow in tune with the Will of God, Nature and the Universe, allowing you to flow emotions with more ease while developing a sense of inner peace and inner stability.

What  is initiation & Why is it important?

We all go through initiation in our lives and is defined as an investment or the start of something new. Our very first initiation is when we took our first breath at birth. Initiation is one of the essential keys to fulfilling life purpose, manifesting your greater potential, and harnessing your innate gifts.

As we grow up, we are influenced by our environment to align with the the behavior and values of family patterns, society norms and our environment. This causes us to start to flow our energy counter-clockwise with can lead to blockages in life and difficulty processing emotions.

Initiation gives you spiritual authority and powerful tools to ensure that your energy flows clockwise allowing your to move forward in life.

How do I know Empower Thyself is right for me?

  • You feel there is more to life and are committed to do what it takes to transform, grow and live life in a joyful and abundant way
  • You want to make a difference in the world
  • You have a strong sense of purpose, even if you don't know what it is
  • You have tried many spiritual paths and programs before, which provided a sense of truth and growth, but you feel like there is something missing and you want to go deeper
  • You have an inner calling or resonance. You sense that this is right for you, even if there are no words to describe it.

It's time to trust your intuition and take the step that could transform your entire life.



Venmo is available if you prefer to register that way. Message me for details. 

PREREQUISITE : Life Activation ($250) - This session works on all levels, targeting your nervous system, physical body, emotional body and energetic body. This modality creates a foundation for your life and is ideal if you are looking for change but keep facing setbacks. This session includes alchemical drops provided for aftercare.


  • Full Tuition

    Life Activation and advanced registration is required to attend.

    Sale ended
  • Empowerment Package

    Register to receive Life Activation, Full Spirit Activation and attend Empower Thyself. Get $100 off. Must pay full amount at time of scheduling.

    Sale ended
  • Deposit Only

    Life Activation and advanced registration is required to attend. The remaining amount ($950) must be paid before attending the first day of class.

    Sale ended



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