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I'm Christine Estrema

Biomedical Researcher in Pediatric Cardiology & Immuno-Oncology
Guide in the Lineage of King Salomon
Ritual Master 3 - Magus Hermeticus

Why did I choose to become a Guide?

I have seen these tools work to positively change the lives of hundreds of people, myself included. These tools opened the door for me to have a second chance at life and to experience something greater than what I thought was possible. It is my joy to serve you on your journey of self discovery & healing.

Knowledge alone doesn't give you wisdom. I'm a data loving, grounded, logical thinking scientist yet I never gained wisdom in my spreadsheets of data, piles of papers or library of books. IF you want real change in your life, you aren't going to get it just by filling you mind with more information. Real change comes through ACTION. You must immerse yourself in the experience of life to gain understanding, wisdom and JOY!



I spent 15 years doing biomedical research in pediatric cardiology and immuno-oncology, 4 years assisting with open heart surgery and clinical trials. I use to play inside the particle accelerator in Berkeley National Laboratories as a kid and have even seen atoms through an electron microscope. I always loved science and technology, but something was missing from my research. I always wondered how my personal heroes like Nikola Tesla and Issac Newton could see the universe in such a way that just by pursuing their passions, they changed the world. 


I was initiated into the Lineage of King Salomon through the Modern Mystery School in 2016. I was searching for healing from 6 years of disabling chronic pain and fatigue. Life Activation and Empower Thyself began my journey of healing and self discovery that inspired me to study Metaphysics, Alchemy, Hermetics and Kabbalah. I finally began to get a glimpse into the mysteries of the universe that my heroes had seen and I understood what I had been missing.


Along the way, I discovered that my passion wasn't behind the lab bench after all. Don't get me wrong, I still love research and love working on projects that peek my interest. You may find me in a lab from time to time. But my real love and passion is for working with people, I had just thought I was too shy to actually do anything with it. This journey has allowed me to open up my heart with compassion and gratitude as I hold space for my clients to begin their own journey of self discovery and empowerment.

"Life is full of unconsidered possibilities. If you can open your mind just a little bit and begin to consider the possibility of something different, you may just create enough space for a miracle to happen."

- Christine Estrema

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